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Two Week Sleep Package (14 Days )includes:

  • A detailed review of the intake form, which will be sent to you upon the purchase of the package.

  • A  1-hour phone consultation  following the intake process to evaluate your child's current sleep habits, sleep environment, and explore your concerns and goals in greater detail.

  • Questions  and Answers about the key components of sleep,your child's sleep habits and other factors that can affect sleep.

  • Detailed personalized, sleep plan covering all aspects of your child’s sleep to be emailed within  48 hours after our consultation.

  • Personalized Online Daily Sleep and Feeding Log.

  • 14 days of email/text support.

  • Four 15-minute follow-up phone call.

  • Sleep Manual covering other important information such as: travel, daylight saving, dinning out, etc.






Two Week Sleep Package (14 Days)

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