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Elena & Armand parents to a 9 month old

Finding Gaby was one of the best things that could have happened to my family!  When my baby was 4-5 months old, we attempted to sleep train her on our own using whatever advice we could find online and from our friends and family. It worked for a few months but then everything completely fell apart and we had no idea why. She went back to waking up every 2-3hrs at night, even though she was falling asleep on her own, and was only taking short 30min naps during the day. She was exhausted; we were exhausted. We knew we had to do something but we were completely out of ideas and were feeling quite desperate. Enter Gaby. She completely flipped our schedule upside down and figured our little girl out on day 1! It was like she knew my baby better than I did! She explained baby's natural rhythm patterns to us and how to work with them. Within only a couple of days, my 9 month old was sleeping 11-12hrs at night without waking and was taking 45-60min naps in her crib (no more stroller or car seats escapes!). Within a week, my girl started taking 1-1.5hr naps (even 2hrs at some points!!).  Gaby's passion for helping babies and families find better sleep comes through in every piece of advice she gives us. She was holding my hand through every nap and every bedtime, with minute by minute guidance so I never felt alone or like I was stuck.  My baby tested us. She went through a couple of milestones during our training (teething, siting up, walking) but Gaby had several different tricks up her sleeve and got us back on track. She made sure that we were well prepared for handling all sorts of situations and did not leave us when things got rough. She has a very gentle yet successful approach and I like to think of her as a baby whisperer.  If anyone is struggling with their baby's sleep, Gaby is your go to! Thank you Gaby for bringing sleep back to my family!

Elena & Armand parents to a 9 month old

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