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Carlos & Alex, parents to a 16 month old

Our 16

month old is sleeping 11-12h per night and having consistent and substantial naps.  Before Gabby changed our lives our little one always had split nights, multiple waking and our day started around 4:50am. We tried sleep training but with so many methods, add our day to day , teething and a few illnesses it was hard to determine what was best suited for our family and our infants needs. Gaby was incredible with offering suitable choices and respecting our level of comfort with the process. It is immediately apparent that she is very passionate, knowledgeable and truly cares about the children and everyone involved.  The level of support is nothing short of hand holding, educating and encouraging through the entire process. I would recommend Gabby to every new parent and believe anyone of her packages should be part of a baby shower registry! Gaby, we can not thank you enough for giving our little one the ability to self-soothe and get all the rest she needs to be the happy playing, curious , learning little girl she is. Our quality of life, sleep and relationship have improved immensely and we are eternally grateful. 

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