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What is the best age to start sleep training?

It is never too early or too late to establish strong healthy foundations for sleep . It is recommended that children are at least 4 months of age.

What method do you recommend?

All of the methods are wonderful and they all work great! We  must remember that sleep training is not just “a method”. There is so much more to the entire sleep training plan than just a method. We need to take into consideration the child’s age, sleep environment, how is the child sleeping throughout the day, is the child following a consistent age appropriate bedtime, and bedtime routine. When all those key factors are in place, we can then discuss what will be the best method for  the entire family.

Will my child cry?

Each of our children are unique and so it’s their temperament some may cry. However, they will not be tears of fear, or despair.  Crying is how they learn. It’s the way they are communicating their feelings about a new skill they are learning. I will guide you and support you on how to respond to our children’s tears, your sleep plan will be as gentle as possible and as unique as your child.


Will it work?

Your success will be my success! I will provide you with all the tools and support,  but it will be your consistency and commitment that will make the difference. It those take time and effort!  But it is all worth it.

Do you work with multiples?

Yes!  I do not charge extra for multiples.

What if my baby still needs to eat at night? Can you still help us?

Of course! Incorporating feedings is totally expected for babies. Our goal is for them to eat and go back to sleep quickly until it’s time to start the day.

Could I continue breastfeeding?

Yes of course! We will come up with a plan that accommodates your child’s nutritional needs.

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