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Establishing healthy sleep habits benefit our children socially, emotionally physically, and
cognitively. The benefits of sleeping well in early childhood will carry over into adolescence and beyond.
Sleeping well permits your child to behave and perform at their personal best. Being well rested
provides a necessary foundation for a healthy and happy family.

Allowing our children to become independent sleepers is the best gift we could possibly give them!!!
Together we will work on:

  • Helping your child learn how to fall asleep happily and independently.

  • Establishing  an age appropriate bedtime and wake up time based on your child's biological


  • Establishing an age appropriate and consistent bedtime and naptime routine.

  • Helping your child take long,and restorative naps.

Helping families get their sleep back on track!

 Gaby Rivas

 Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant